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Jelly Pads!

Jelly Pads!

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SUPER Sticky Translucent Reusable Jelly Pads


Our newest addition to the Pad family. Reusable just like the other pads and you would sanitize them the same way according to state regulations of course. These are most perfect for top lid taping. For inner corners, lifting lashes of the pad for better isolation & application. These are also a great weight for the lid for clients to block out the light. They pair well on the lid while using our sticky reusables neon pink, black and white for infinite tape backs to get into all those layers! 

ALA Reusable Jelly pads!

These are triple sticky! Non irritant , no ingredients, and reusable for up to 50 uses.

No ingredients. No gel.

You can write your mapping and erase it too. If using permanent marker it is permanently on the pad so you can make sure you don’t lose your mapping for each client and reuse for them each infill!



After each use immediately clean with warm water and antibacterial soap followed by barbacide 10 minutes then 3% hydrogen peroxide soak for 10 followed by water wash to complete sanitization let pads air dry before placing back on clear backing and ziplock packaging .

Available in 2 different colors

Jelly Pink
Jelly Black

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