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A Lash Artistry

Lash Pad Balm

Lash Pad Balm

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Amber Lash Artistry Balms ! 

This balm is a great alternative if you need a little extra grip for your Amber Lash Artistry reusable lash pads! 

This balm is also Great for Lash lifts! 

How to use:

For the top lid With a lipstick applicator apply balm to the reusable pad apply along the lash line , creating a little gold in the lid then apply the pad to lift the natural lashes up and off of the pad for better isolation.

FOR TAPE BACK to get all the layers apply balm on top of the first pad you placed on the lid and tape back like normal without the fear of hurting your client when removing. 

For normal bottom pad application dab a little on the under eye and towards the nose area where the pad likes to sit for the inner corners. Please do NOT apply to the waterline or even the waterline area on the silicone pad. We DO NOT want this getting in the eye. Dunk your reusable silicone pad in water and apply pad like normal with EXTRA grip ! or if you find your pad is lifting at any point just dab a little where needed. 

 Comes in 4 Different colors! 

Jelly Mint

Jelly Pink 



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