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100 Pairs Eye Pads

100 Pairs Eye Pads

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  • REVOLUTIONARY PRODUCT: 100pcs in a pack can last for a longer time, special package design will help keep all the eyelash pads in one place, and super convenient to pick one out at any time.
  • SOFT AND FLEXIBLE: Microfoam lash pads are lint and latex free, they will not cause irritation like typical gel eye pads can. The material of the under eye patches allows skin to breathe, making the eyelashes extensions procedure more comfortable for the client even with sensitive eyes.
  • DIFFERENT EYE SHAPE FITS: The unique butterfly shape lash pads can perfectly hold the under lashes down and are curved to fit all eye shapes.
  • STICKY AND STAY IN PLACE: Right stickiness and the special shape prevents lifting of the microfoam lash pad from moving around on the eyes. Make sure to untack the pad a couple of times on the back of your client’s or your hand before you apply.
  • Easy to apply and remove – unlike tape, eyelash extension pads are easy to apply, reapply and remove, adding comfort to the client’s overall extension experience.


Product Description

1 Sensitive Customers Love! 2 A Favorite Of Technicians 3 Make Job Easier

with Microfoam Lash Pads

Revolutionize Your Lash Game


Our revolutionary Microfoam Lash Pads come in a 100-piece pack with a special design for easy access. Soft, flexible, and sticky, they suit all eye shapes and hold under lashes down without lifting. Perfect for personal or professional use.


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